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Alki's path started in 1981 in a small village in the northern Basque Country, in Itsasu. In a time of economic difficulties, a group of five friends founded a small chair factory that we named Alki, "which means chair in Basque", intending to create jobs in a weakly industrialised region. The cooperative status was the most suitable to our values, an essential part of our day-to-day existence. Combining ancestral tradition and modern technology, Alki now offers conviviality in a more contemporary style. The oak is synonymous with nobility, strength and endurance; at ALKI, oak wood is much more than a simple raw material. It symbolises the company's firm commitment to an approach of rational and sustained development. Upon opening the workshop doors, your senses are overwhelmed by the smell of wood. The oak comes from sustainably managed French forest. The drying process is slow and delicate, requiring between four and seven years to attain a material suitable for our purposes. The manufacturing process involves various trades: carpenters, joiners, builders, finishers and, of course, master upholsterers, allowing precise assembly that precedes sanding, staining and varnishing by hand.

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